Shishira Johny
She is a lawyer, who recently graduated top of her class at the World Trade Institute, Bern. Specialising in international trade law, Shishira entered the post-Covid world armed with work experience at the World Trade Organization (WTO), her favourite cleaning agents and a vision to change the world. Presently, she is leading the charge at Reachout & Beyond, pulling the team forward on the path to amplify voices in the gender equality space. Her friends love her for her eye for detail, fierce loyalty, taste in k-pop and tolerate her when she bursts into song.

Prithviraj Choudhury
Prithviraj Choudhury will soon be found reading International Law as part of his LLM at the London School of Economics. Mundane or spirited tasks, Prithvi can always be spotted with a thing or two on his plate. He is deeply interested in refugee law, and wants to further his learning in the field by working at the grassroots level. Three things that he is passionate about: to-do lists, travelling round the world, and tablespoons of butter in his favourite cake.

Rhea Purohit
Rhea's law school peers will tell you that she is found most often with her face buried inside the pages of a book, be it a textbook during exams or a novel before going to bed. She is a planner, occasional writer and a source of solace for all her friends when she assures them that "we got this." Her latest skillset acquisitions include - cooking (inspiration courtesy: MasterChef Australia) and speaking Spanish.

Sanghamitra Sengupta
Sanghamitra Sengupta's pen likes writing poems that don't necessarily rhyme. Currently pursuing her bachelor of laws degree from Symbiosis Law School, Pune, she is keenly interested in womxn empowerment and human rights. A passionate feminist, she has experience in working for various social justice organisations such as MAD, for children’s education. In her free time, Sanghamitra likes to have meaningful conversations with her friends, eat and make merry, and watch profoundly inspiring reality television.

Shivani Sathe
Five years of law school did not prepare her for the unusual graduation that 2020 had in store, says Shivani. Nevertheless, she has been able to find two silver linings to this quarantine - lots of spare time to read books and finding renewed inspiration to put pen to paper. While at St. Xavier’s college, she was actively involved in organising weekly classes for underprivileged children in Mumbai, a cause that remains close to her heart. She likes to scale mountains, both literal and figurative, and hopes to trek to the Everest base camp one day.