Kala Raju
Kala has an experience of more than a decade in digital content management, editing and writing. Previously the editor of WhatsHot Pune, she has also authored the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Times Food Guide. She currently lives in Pune.

Sahej Marwah
Sahej Marwah does not like to be defined by the things that she has done and the feats that she has achieved. She only wants to be defined by who she is as a person. This is not a résumé, these are just three lines on what not to expect from her.

Sreyoshi Guha
Sreyoshi Guha is a lawyer and knowledge curator, specializing in intellectual property law. Writing has always been her preferred mode of expression, and has followed her through her life - particularly, through her explorations of socio-cultural and political themes that are close to her heart. Of this, she is proudest of her endeavours with making IP law and policy more accessible (see her work: here), and her reflections on liberalism in India (co-author of this). If you catch her outside of work, you are likely to find that she is mildly funny, exhaustingly clumsy, and perennially in pursuit of the secret to successful adulting. She blogs here.

Susheela Menon
Born and raised in India, Susheela Menon currently lives in Singapore with her husband and daughter. She has engaged with her passion for creative writing by both teaching it, as well as authoring several poems and short stories. Her thoughts and musings expressed through poems, short stories, sketched illustrations and photographs can be accessed on her blog - https://susheelamenon.wordpress.com/ . She also contributes to The Good Men Project, an online platform that promotes meaningful conversations and fresh perspectives about the evolving meaning of ‘masculinity’ in the 21st century.