Founded in 2015, Reachout India is a non-profit youth run organisation founded to empower the underprivileged through two interventions - (i) a children's education initiative i.e. Project Rise and (ii) a women's empowerment wing. Project Rise aims at changing the public education landscape by improving the working of local government schools. The women empowerment wing focuses on providing free legal aid to survivors of domestic abuse through a 24/7 helpline and runs other projects to improve women’s health and wellbeing.

We undertake need-induced projects following our objective of social impact.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, during the lockdown, several organisations distributed ration kits to migrant and low-income households. However, it was noticed that there were very few channels actively focusing on women’s health and thus the idea of distributing menstrual health kits was born.  Each kit comprised of seven sanitary pads, one soap and one sanitizer. We started out with a goal of distributing 1000 kits, but with overwhelming community and volunteer support, our reach expanded and we were able to distribute 10,098 kits in Mysore.

These distribution drives highlighted the abysmal lack of menstrual health and hygiene awareness. A related initiative to spread this awareness was launched in Mysore, including one-on-one consultations to address specific menstrual health issues. We want to take this project forward and set up dustbins specifically for sanitary pads in different locations in Mysore. Through Project Rise, we also want to introduce a Menstrual Hygiene Manual for local government schools as a part of their curriculum. Continuing to work with the local community, administration and government, we hope to create a healthy environment for women.

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