Jefferson Justin
Jefferson Justin is a graphic design graduate from India, looking forward to specialize in the same with a Masters course in the United Kingdom. He has had experience in the design field, working for an advertising agency and an event management company. Apart from that, he finds it the easiest to keep a smile on his face, and likes to spread positive vibes only!

Meghana Kankara
Meghana Kankara (aka Meg), an incoming design student at NID. She spends an unhealthy amount of time reading and watching period drama. Currently, she is working on graphic novels and Interaction design which you can catch up on

Neha Nelson
Neha Nelson is a second year law student at Symbiosis Law School, Pune and also the Associate Editor for an online legal platform, @juristminds. Normally, you’d find her running around the halls of her college with a laptop in hand and an over excited ‘HI’ directed towards anyone she recognises. Her warm smile and caring attitude, along with her strict sense of professionalism has been the driving force behind all her achievements.

Simran Ubee
Simran Ubee is currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree in law from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. An avid reader of politics and history, she sometimes tinkers around with Photoshop a little. She has interned previously at various High Courts and the Supreme Court, and aspires one day to become a successful advocate championing for women's rights.

Sanchit Thapliyal
Reading law at Symbioisis Law School, Sanchit can be found engaging in something creative at all times. He is deeply committed to his love for creating visually appealing pieces, be it in terms of photography or video editing. Although he doesn’t make best friends, he would bend the rules for his trekking shoes to help him scale a new hill every now and then.